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The science of the heart and its diseases as part of Internal Medicine roots from the Ancient Greek word for heart "Cardios". Cardiology subsumes on the one hand the varity of issues of the heart muscle which in the course of time can go along with a cardiac insufficiency and on the other hand the various forms of heart valve affections from young age to adulthood and issues of the conorary blood vessels which can lead to angina pectoris and heart attack. Another focus is set on the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmia which often come along with the aforementioned diseases.
Through non-invasive examinations (ECG, Stress ECG, Echocardiography, Long-term ECG), these diseases can get identified and, if need be, through invasive methods (intracardiac catheter) clarified and treated. Nowadays there exists a vast spectrum of medicamentous and non-medicamentous treatments of the various heart diseases.


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