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Angiology is the science of vascular diseases (it is of Ancient Greek origin where the word "angio" has the meaning "vessel"/"vascular") and it addresses the diseases of the arteries.
Besides congenital variations, these are in particular, occurring with increasing age, vascular diseases of the carotid artery, of the coronary vessels and of the arteries of the lower extremities which normally are due to arteriosclerosis (calcification).
The disorders going along with these conditions (circulatory disturbance of the head, stroke, intermittent claudication, coronary heart diseases) can be diagnosed by clinical and colorflow-sonography examinations and stress tests and subjected to a proper treatment. In the beginning stands the finding of the risk factors for such diseases in view of their systematic treatment.
With means of the most modern colorflow-sonography examinations, abnormal vascular dilatations, e.g. abdominal aortic aneurysms, can be diagnosed and treated.


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